5 minutes Easy 2

Organic gourmet piadina with artichoke cream with black truffle, ham and stracciatella

A simple dish in which the real protagonists are the top quality ingredients.


  • 2 organic Kamut flour wraps
  • Versilfood artichoke cream with summer truffle
  • 70 g Parma ham
  • Burrata Stracciatella


Preheat a non-stick pan and toast the two wraps 3 minutes per side, to make them crisp and crumbly.

After laying them on a plate, fill them with 2/3 tablespoons of artichoke cream with summer truffle, Parma ham and Burrata Stracciatella (alternatively, if you prefer the more decisive flavors, you can opt for Buffalo’s one).

A tip: add a few slices of cherry tomatoes, for a touch of freshness.