10 minutes Easy 2

Poached egg on spinach bed with summer truffle carpaccio

A classic of american brunch, the poached egg becomes the protagonist of this culinary idea with the scent of summer truffle.


  • 4 fresh eggs

  • 10 ml of white wine vinegar

  • Spinach

  • Black pepper and salt to taste

  • Versilfood summer truffle carpaccio


Pour water into a large pot and bring to a boil: it will take about 5 minutes.

Salt the water and pour the white wine vinegar, then lower the heat and with a whisk make a reel in water.

At this point, gently pour an egg – previously broken in a bowl – into the reel and let the egg white embrace the yolk.

Cook the egg for 2 minutes, without stirring or touching it, then remove it from the pot and lay it on a slice of toast and a bed of fresh spinach.

Season with a few slices of summer truffle carpaccio and a few drops of its oil and taste the simplicity.