15 minutes Medium 4

Gricia revisited with crunchy cheek lard and summer truffle oil

A classic of Italian cuisine with a touch of truffled oil for an even stronger taste.


  • 400 g fresh pasta, macaroni or calamarata
  • 80 g of Pecorino
  • 250 g of cheek lard
  • Black pepper in grains and salt to taste
  • Versilfood summer truffle extra virgin olive oil


First, cut the cheek lard into strips and put it in a hot pan over high heat. Let it sizzle until it is crispy.

In the meantime, put a pot of water on the fire and salt it moderately (remember that then the pecorino cheese will be added, which will give flavor to the dish).

Grate the Pecorino cheese and chop the peppercorns, which will release their aroma.

When the water has come to a boil, dip the fresh pasta – we recommend macaroni or calamarata – and move it with a spoon, to avoid sticking it to the bottom.

Before draining, draw on the cooking water: take a cup and mix it slowly with grated Pecorino cheese, trying not to make the mixture too liquid.

Drain the pasta al dente and add it to the crunchy cheek lard, adding the Pecorino pasta, which will melt and amalgamate to perfection.

Pepper to taste – we recommend you to abound – and, as a final touch, pour a drop of summer truffle extra virgin olive oil.